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Aspivenin Instant Acting Suction Pump

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  • Aspivenin insect poison removes quickly and painlessly withdraws bites, stings and poison to help reduce reactions.
  • The precision-made suction pump draws venom to the surface of your skin.
  • Multiple sized attachments are included to treat sting areas of different sizes.
  • Complete instructions for use in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
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Aspivenin Suction Pump is a painless relief from bites and stings. The precision-made vacuum pump offers controlled and sustained suction above the bite or sting. 

Aspivenin Insect Poison Remover Kit painlessly draws poison to the skin's surface where you can wipe it away. This unique continuous suction means that by removing poison, Aspivenin helps to ease pain and discomfort.

Easy To Use - Permanently Re-Usable:

Aspivenin comes in a lightweight, waterproof carrying case, along with the precision pump and four differently-sized suction cups to cover the skin area of an attack. The pack weighs just 100gm and is easy to use with one hand so that you can administer it without any help. As it is made from high-quality medical materials, Aspivenin will last and last; all you have to do is to wash the nozzle in soapy water after use.

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