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Netting Tools

As a bird netting installer, you understand the need to deliver a high-quality, long-lasting product. Therefore, our range of hog rings, crimps and cutting tools have been designed to aid all your bird netting installations. Our pigeon and seagull bird netting products work effectively with our bird nets and range of professional bird proofing products.

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  1. Hogringer P7
  2. Ratchet Crimping Tool
  3. Standard Wire Cutters
  4. Nut Spinner Tool & Hex Drive Socket

    Starting at £7.75

  5. Net Shears

    Starting at £5.30

  6. Wire Crimper/Cutter
  7. Humane Bird Despatcher
  8. Caulking Guns & Cartridge Cutter

    Starting at £3.95

  9. 18v Combi Drill
  10. Drill Bits HSS (High Speed Steel)

    Starting at £0.50

  11. Drill Bits Masonry

    Starting at £1.30

  12. Drill Bits SDS (Special Direct System)

    Starting at £1.50

Set Descending Direction

13 Items

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