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A scavenging insect that resembles a beetle, having long antennae and legs and typically a broad, flattened body. Several tropical kinds have become established worldwide as household pests. They are a social insect with a predisposition to group and live together with other cockroaches. Scavenging for food and shelter consist of a major part of their lives, making them a common household pest.

Species Of Cockroaches

American Cockroach
The American cockroach is the largest of the cockroaches found in the UK. They are most commonly found in establishments where food is prepared or stored.

Adult American cockroaches are reddish-brown to dark brown (except for a tan or light yellow band around the shield behind the head) 25 – 40mm in length, and have wings capable of flight. 

Brown-banded Cockroach
This cockroach needs hot conditions to survive, it prefers 27°C and over. It is typically found in light switches, electrical appliances, motor housings, etc in multi occupancy accommodation such as student accommodations.

Adult size 11-15mm; this cockroach is small, light brown in colour and is often mistaken for the German cockroach. Brown-banded cockroaches get their name from the light brown or tan transverse bands that are present on the wings of the adult and across the body of the nymphs.

Australian Cockroach
P. australasiae are tropical and sub-tropical species but are also found in ports and shipping areas in temperate climates. Usually found in pet shops, particularlythose with large numbers of heated fish tanks, it requires hot, moist conditions to survive.

Adult, 30-35mm long; Colour, light brown with ivory-yellow circular band enclosing large, distinct, black spot on Pronotum. Yellow sub marginal stripe at base of forewings.

German Cockroach
German cockroaches have sticky pads on the feet can climb smooth surfaces easily. Once established the insect is often difficult to eradicate due to it hiding in inaccessible places. It prefers warm, moist environments, especially heating systems in large buildings, bakeries etc.

Adult size 13-16mm in length. Light brown in colour with two dark almost parallel longitudinal stripes on their pronotal shield.

Oriental Cockroach
They live mainly in heated buildings, dustbin areas, waste/compactor areas, cellars, boiler houses, ducting and lift shafts. Often found outside buildings, in drains, gardens, sewers, external brickwork etc, a factor which should be remembered when controlling them.

Adult, 20-24mm long. Dark-brown, nearly black in colour. Wings of male cover two-thirds of abdomen, wings of female are reduced. Can climb rough but not smooth vertical surfaces.


Products to control Cockroaches:


Eradi-Roach (Pack of 10)
A pre-baited low line, high capacity cockroach trap which has four entrances and is widely used to monitor cockroach populations.

Eradisect® Strike Insect Killer 400ml
Eradisect® Strike is an insecticidal lacquer offering long lasting residual control. Perfect for use against cockroaches.

Hoy Hoy Cockroach Trap
Hoy Hoy Cockroach Traps are used for the monitoring of cockroach infestations.This sticky roach trap comes with a food attractant that is non-toxic and odourless.

Imidasect Cockroach Gel 35g Tube
Imidasect cockroach gel is a specifically formulated to attract and control various species of cockroaches.

Maxforce Platin (4 x 30g Tubes)
Maxforce Platin is a clothianidin-based ready to use insecticidal gel bait for the control of cockroaches and silverfish. 

Victor Cockroach Killer Gel
The Victor Cockroach Killer Gel is a ready-to-use insecticidal gel bait designed for the control of cockroaches.