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Moths frequently have antennae that resemble feathers but lack a club. They can flatten their wings when poised. Moths typically have bodies covered in thick hair and wings that are more earthy in hue. Moths prefer to spend their days resting in a woodland environment and are typically active at night.

Species Of Moths

Brown-tail Moth
Larvae (caterpillars) become active in spring and can be of public health significance. The larvae carry thousands of barbed hairs and spikes which when blown around on windy days can penetrate skin and cause severe rashes and irritation and If swallowed can cause respiratory problems.

Mature larvae (caterpillars) are around 25 mm in length, dark brown to black in colour with white lateral stripes, tufts of ginger brown hairs and two orange spots near the tail. The adult moth has a wingspan of approximately 32 -38 mm, has pure white wings and a brown tail.

Clothes Moth
Clothes moth are notorious for feeding on clothing and natural fibres; they have the ability to turn keratin, a protein present in hair and wool, into food. Clothes moths prefer dirty fabric and are particularly attracted to carpeting and clothing that contain human sweat or other liquids which have been spilled onto them, they are attracted to these areas not for the food but for the moisture.

The webbing clothes moth is generally light yellow in colour and has a shiny luster. The hind wings are grey-yellow and both fore and hind wings are fringed with fine hairs. The wings are quite thin and the wing span is between 12 - 16 mm. The adult moths have a reddish-gold tuft of hair on the top of their heads. The larvae are a dirty yellow with a yellow-brown head and can reach a length of 7 - 9 mm.

Brown House Moth
The Brown House Moth requires a high proportion of animal protein in its diet including feathers, wool and hair - a diet which is reflected in its behaviour as a scavenger.

The adult moth is around 8mm in length with an Open wing span 15–25mm. Bronze-brown in colour, with dark brown to black flecks on the forewings. When at rest the wings are folded over the body and a noticeable fringe of hairs on the tips of the wings can be seen. The Larvae are around 6mm, white with a brown head.

Indian Meal Moth
The Indian Meal Moth infestations have been found in a variety of food products. As the developing larvae move about, they spin a continuous strand of thin webbing. Over time, this webbing extends throughout the infested material. In a heavy infestation the webbing becomes dense enough to be easily visible. This webbing spoils more food than larval consumption.

The adult moth has a wingspan of about 20 mm. The front wings are reddish brown on the outer twothirds and light greyish brown on the inner onethird. The head and thorax are reddish brown and the hind wings are grey. The larvae are cream in colour, with yellowishgreen or pinkish shades, and has a dark brown head. The larvae and pupa stages are often seen on walls and wall/ceiling junctions.

Mediterranean Flour Moth/Mill Moth
Favouring a cereal or cereal product based diet, the mill moth is frequently found in flour processing and handling environments, bakeries and shops. The Mediterranean flour moth infests flour, cereals, bran, beans, biscuits, nuts, chocolates, dried foods and many other food stuffs. Larval webbing can cause serious blockages in food production machinery. 

Adult moth 12mm in length with a wing span of between 16-20mm, brownish-grey in colour with a black zig zag pattern across the forewings. Larvae are 12mm in length, live within a silken tube and have a pinkish or greenish tinge (depending on diet) with a brown head. 

Tropical Warehouse Moth/Dried Currant Moth
The tropical warehouse moth occurs both in tropical and temperate regions and commonly attacks grains, nuts, dried fruits and a great variety of other stored products. The adult moths dart about as they fly, and are mostly seen at dawn and dusk.

Adult moth, brown-grey forewings with a darker band running across the middle and far edges. The wings also have a fringe of fine hairs. The wingspan is approximately 15 - 20 mm and when at rest its length is between 10 - 12 mm. The larvae are yellow-white in colour, up to 14 mm in length and have a brown head and a dark spot at the base of the back hairs.

Tobacco/Cocoa/Warehouse Moth
Ephestia elutella are a widely distributed pest moth of stored products in subtropical and warmer temperate regions. They are considered a primary pest of stored products and can infest many products including tobacco, grains, pulses, processed flours, shelled nuts, dried fruits, cocoa beans, fish and spices.

Adult moth is 16mm in length with a wingspan of 14-20 mm, brownish grey in colour with forewings crossed with two light bands. The hind wings are paler and plain grey. Larva are 10-15mm in length and is creamy white in colour with a brown head and brown body markings.

White Shouldered House Moth
The White-Shouldered House Moth is very common in the UK, in both domestic and commercial situations. They can be found in grain stores, animal houses and amongst old rodent baits and are often associated with old birds’ nests. White-shouldered house moth rarely cause damage to textiles and fabrics. However, the larvae can cause damage and contamination to foods and grains.

7-9mm in length with an open wingspan of 10– 23mm. Brown in colour with brown mottled wings and a distinctive white head and shoulders. Larvae are small and white with a brown head.


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