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Pest Control in Food Premises

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About the course:
The food manufacturing and allied sectors can be a daunting environment for pest control professionals. Added to the need to provide a safe and legal provision of service, we are suddenly exposed to third party audit standards, the rules of a food manufacturing environment and a whole range of pests that we may not have been exposed to before.

During this course you will reflect upon what is important, from a food manufacturing perspective, and start to understand how to develop a successful strategy to provide services within this sector. This course will help you to gain confidence working in both large and small-scale food production facilities and generate some useful ‘next steps’ to help develop confidence for this sector.

During the Pest Control in Food Premises Course you will learn: 
- How to undertake professional pest control within the food manufacturing sector
- The importance of audits and how to ensure your services are compliant
- What makes servicing in the food sector, different from other sectors
- Build your confidence in identifying ‘food’ pests, including stored product beetles and moths
- Understand the documentation required to be successful within the food manufacturing sector
- Points to consider when pricing and writing specifications

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