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Insect ID Quick Overview

Oriental Cockroach
Blatta orientails

Size: 25 – 32mm

Booklice (psocids)

Size: 1 – 2mm

German Cockroach
Blattella germanica

Size: 12 – 15mm


Carpet Beetle
Anthrenus verbasci

Size: 3mm

American Cockroach
Peripleneta Americana

Size: 28 – 44 mm

Larder Beetle
Dermestes Iardarius

Size: 7 – 9mm


Pharaohs Ant
Monomorium pharaonis

Size: 2mm

Biscuit Beetle
Stegobium paniceum

Size: 2 – 4mm


Ghost Ant
Tapinoma melanocephalum

Size: 1.5mm

Rice Weevil
Sitophilus oryzae

Size: 3 – 4mm


Black Garden Ant
Lasius niger

Size: 3 – 5mm

Confused Flour Beetle
Tribolium confusum

Size: 2.5 – 4.5mm

Bed bug
Cimex Iectularius

Size: 6 – 9mm

Indian Meal Moth
PIodia interpunctella

Size 15 – 20mm

Cat and Dog fleas
Ctenocephalides felis
Ctenocephatides canis
Size: 2 – 3.5mm

Common Clothes Moth
Tineola bisselliella

Size: 6 – 8mm

Lepisma saccharina

Size: 13mm

Cluster Fly
Pollenia rudis

Size: 6 – 10mm