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Rodent Proofing and Mesh

Rodent proofing is a crucial aspect of stopping a rat or mouse infestation from recurring. Holes left around buildings, under doors and in drains can all be utilised. Our supply of rat and mouse proofing materials will help you block any ingress points that rodents could use. Rodent mesh is a fantastic option for proofing cracks and crevices. We also offer brush strips for sealing doors and a range of sheets, proofing plates and wire wool to ensure rodents will not return. Due to incisors that never stop growing, rodents constantly need to grind their teeth down. Our high-quality rodent proofing materials prevent damage caused by gnawing.

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  1. Wire Wool
  2. Wire Mesh Rolls

    Starting at £16.50

  3. Vent Covers

    Starting at £7.35

  4. Bristle Strip Flat

    Starting at £4.20

  5. Bristle Strip 45 Degree

    Starting at £5.40

  6. Bristle Strip 90 Degree

    Starting at £5.40

  7. Mouse Shield (300ml Tube)
  8. Expanding Foam

    Starting at £6.95

  9. Rotech® NG Rat Blockers Drain

    Starting at £145.00

  10. Weep Hole Covers (20 Pack)
  11. Vermiguard Proofing Mesh

    Starting at £19.50

  12. Decorator’s Caulk (White)
  13. Xcluder Door Sweep

    Starting at £37.00

  14. Joint Repair Cement
  15. Pipe Guard Plates

    Starting at £15.00

  16. Vent Proofing Grills

    Starting at £9.10

  17. Rotech® Drainguard Rat Drain Blocker

    Starting at £60.00

  18. Proofing Plates

    Starting at £4.90

  19. Rotech® Door Seal

    Starting at £15.00

  20. Rat Tape

    Starting at £8.00

  21. RatWall Steel Rat Blockers

    Starting at £23.00

  22. Nordisk Stainless Steel Rat Blockers

    Starting at £0.00

  23. NEW
    Repair Express Cement - 900ml
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-25 of 33

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