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Pressure Sprayers

Protect your home, garden and property with our range of pressure sprayers and spray bottles. When utilised alongside our insecticide sprays, you can control pests, insects, and bugs using fluid dispersion as a fine mist. Our compression sprayers are manufactured from stainless steel or plastic and are designed to treat large areas with chemicals. Furthermore, our backpack sprayers work fantastically for places with poor water supply. Small sprayers are available with 1ltr or 1.5ltr tanks to treat harder to reach areas like bedframes and gardens. With our twist lid protection, you'll be protected from the possibility of chemical spillages.

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  1. Gloria Sprayer Spare Parts

    Starting at £2.65

  2. Cimex Bedbug Steamer
    Out of stock
  3. Mesto 4Ltr Stainless Steel & Accessories

    Starting at £6.30

  4. Mesto Stainless Steel Sprayer

    Starting at £6.30

  5. Gloria 405T & 505T & Accessories

    Starting at £7.90

  6. Cimex Bedbug Steamer & Accessories

    Starting at £7.50

  7. 5 Litre Mesto Plastic Sprayer & Accessories

    Starting at £6.99

  8. Gloria 89 1Ltr Sprayer & Accessories

    Starting at £23.00

  9. Mesto Backpack Sprayer
  10. Gloria Stratos 5Ltr & Accessories

    Starting at £3.68

  11. Flexible Aerosol Straw Kit
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12 Items

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