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Moth Traps

Moth Traps are designed to effectively control and monitor moth infestations in the home or workplace. If left untreated, moth infestations can cause extensive damage to your soft furnishings and clothes. Moth traps require minimal maintenance; simply place the traps in the problem area and wait for the results. Using distinct patterns and pheromones, the traps lure moths in, helping you to identify and monitor their presence. For best results, we suggest using an insecticide treatment alongside the traps for total control.

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  1. Eradisect Clothes Moth Trap (Pack of 10)
    £37.20 £31.00
  2. X-Lure Fit

    Starting at £47.40 £39.50

  3. XLure 4 Seasons Plodia Ephestia Lure

    Starting at £13.44 £11.20

  4. Moth Pheromone Lures (Pack of 10)

    Starting at £12.36 £10.30

  5. Checkpoint Moth Pot & Liners

    Starting at £2.10 £1.75

  6. Fruit Fly Pads (Pk 100)
    £24.00 £20.00
  7. Dismate PE

    Starting at £8.40 £7.00

  8. Eradisect Clothes Moth Pads (Pk 10)
    £8.04 £6.70
  9. Eradisect Moth Hanger & Accessories

    Starting at £5.76 £4.80

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11 Items

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