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Deadline PyDust Pro 3kg

Professional Use Product

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  • Deadline PyDust Pro is a broad spectrum dust insecticide used to treat a range of flying and crawling insects.
  • For application, please browse our range of handheld and motorised dusters.
  • A tried and tested dust insecticide for treating wasp nests externally.
  • A highly effective formulation that provides superior control of insects compared to alternatives while maintaining a low environmental hazard impact.
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Broad spectrum dust product, ideal for use both internally and externally when controlling insect infestation. Can be applied using a hand held or motorised duster. The formulation provides superior control of flying and crawling insects whilst minimising environmental hazard impact. An ideal product for treating wasp nests externally.

Contains: chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, extract from open and mature flowers of tanacetum cinerariifolium obtained with hydrocarbon solvents (redefined from pyrethrins and pyrethroids and chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, ext.) 0.11% w/w (1.1g/kg) and piperonyl butoxide (pbo) 0.495% w/w (4.95g/kg)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply with a bulb duster or dust gun into insect breeding sites and harbourages. Insert the nozzle well into harbourages and pump gently to minimise contamination. Apply at close spacings to ensure good distribution. Clear up any dust contaminating exposed surfaces. Apply in ducts using a motorised duster.

For the control fying and crawling insects such as fies, mosquitoes ants cockroaches, wasps, silverfish, fleas, beetles, woodlice, carpet beetle and moths such as clothes moths in public hygiene and domestic situations. Also for use against spiders.

HSE 10717

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