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Bird Post & Wire

Bird wire and post systems prevent birds from perching on areas such as window ledges, beams, balconies, handrails and rooftops. Our stainless steel plastic coated bird wire should be mounted on posts and brackets. The wire is made tight using springs, so birds will find it unstable when they land on the proofed area. Thus, forcing them to move to a different location. Anti bird wire is an affordable bird proofing option that can be used when more discreet control methods are required.

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  1. Stainless Steel Plastic Coated Wire

    Starting at £15.20

  2. Wire Crimper/Cutter
  3. Post Pads (Pk10)
  4. Beam & Gutter Clamps

    Starting at £37.50

  5. Posts

    Starting at £33.50

  6. Ridge Bracket Half Round

    Starting at £9.70

  7. Rail Clamps

    Starting at £2.25

  8. Springs

    Starting at £14.90

  9. Stainless Steel Split Pins

    Starting at £11.00

  10. Anchor Rivets (pk100)

    Starting at £6.75

  11. Wall Plugs

    Starting at £1.25

  12. Angle Brackets (Galv & S/S)

    Starting at £9.80

  13. Crimps (Pk 100)
  14. Capital Bracket
  15. Ridge Brackets

    Starting at £7.15

Set Descending Direction

15 Items

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