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Powder Sprayers

Welcome to the most comprehensive series of powder sprayers, dusters and accessories. 1env supplies a full range of insect dusters to meet your requirements, and with accessories such as extension lances, applicators and CO2 cartridges, you'll be able to treat insect infestations with safety and ease. Furthermore, you can use our powder sprayers to treat weeds, trees, gardens and moss. Shop our range of powder insecticides suitable to use with our insect dusters.

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  1. Pro Duster 5Ltr & Accessories

    Starting at £7.50

  2. DR5 Duster & Accessories

    Starting at £13.00

  3. PA2 Powder Applicator

    Starting at £6.90

  4. AR8 Pro & Accessories

    Starting at £2.95

  5. AR Bulb Duster Kit
  6. Aerosol 3
  7. Dustick Accessories

    Starting at £0.85

  8. Extension Lances

    Starting at £0.15

  9. XL8 Telescopic Lance & Accessories

    Starting at £7.99

  10. Nest Spikes

    Starting at £9.20

  11. Lance Bracket & Handle

    Starting at £11.00

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12 Items

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