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Rat and Mouse Traps

Mouse and Rat Traps are essential for effective rodent control. Our wide range of traps are suitable for use in the home or workplace. With solutions available for both small and large-sized infestations, you’ll have your mouse or rat problem under control in no time. Simply place the traps strategically around the problem area and wait for them to take effect. Our Mouse and Rat traps come in a variety of types, including snap traps, cage traps, electronic traps, Fenn traps and humane traps; so whatever you need, we can help. Traps are a low maintenance rodent control solution, and when correctly placed, are one of the most effective methods for the control of Mice and Rats.

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  1. Bodygrip 110
  2. Multi-Species Trap
    Out of stock
  3. Fenn Traps

    Starting at £8.80

  4. Rat Cage Trap
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  5. Electronic Rat Trap
  6. Electronic Mouse Trap
  7. Rotech® Mouse Snap Trap
  8. Rotech® Rat Snap Trap
  9. KNESS Snap-e Mouse Trap
  10. T-Rex Rat Trap
  11. KNESS Snap-e-Rat Trap
  12. Humane Cage Rat Trap
  13. Gorilla Mouse Trap
  14. Fenn Trap Box
  15. Solway MK4 Fenn Trap
  16. Black Cat Rat Trap
  17. A24 Goodnature Trap Stand
  18. Gorilla Rat Trap
  19. NEW
    Blackcat Trap Cage
  20. NEW
    Black Cat Nano
Set Descending Direction

25 Items

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