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Fly Catchers

1env stock traps suitable for the control and removal of flying insects. Fly catchers are used to attract flying insects such as fruit flies, wasps and moths. Once the insect has entered the flytrap, they will be unable to escape. In addition, many of our indoor fly catching products attract insects with a non-toxic lure. Our range of bags, hangers, rolls, and pots work fantastic in combination with insect sprays. On the other hand, our insect monitoring traps are available to control crawling insects such as bed bugs and cockroaches.

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  1. NEW
    Eradisect Fly Trap Bag
  2. Eradisect® Moth Hanger

    Starting at £4.80

  3. Catchmaster Glue Sticks

    Starting at £6.90

  4. Red top fly trap
  5. Fly Papers (Pk 4)
  6. Sticky Fly Roll
  7. Fruit Fly Ninja (12 Pack)
  8. Fruit Fly Traps

    Starting at £4.95

  9. Fly Killer Cassette Unit
  10. Eradi Wasp Pot
  11. Wasp Dome Trap
  12. Wasp Bag Disposable
  13. Waspbane Trap & Accessories

    Starting at £16.50

  14. Wasp Lure

    Starting at £10.50

  15. The Buzz Fly Catcher
  16. Checkpoint Moth Pot & Liners

    Starting at £1.70

  17. Dismate PE

    Starting at £7.00

Set Descending Direction

18 Items

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