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Non-Toxic Poison

1env stock a range of non-toxic alternatives to more traditional rodenticides. These products are designed for detecting, and tracking the presence of rodents in various locations. Our baits and attractants can be used alongside bait stations to increase your chances of drawing rodents. Non-toxic methods are ideal for infestations in the presence of other animals and pets, as well as families with young children and food preparation environments. Once an infestation is detected, introduce our professional rat poisons and snap traps.

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  1. Rat & Mouse Attractant

    Starting at £3.90

  2. Detex Blox 4kg
  3. Rotech® Re-Scent

    Starting at £9.50

  4. Magnet Gel
  5. Plain Wheat

    Starting at £8.40

  6. Talon® Track 300g
  7. Nara Spray

    Starting at £45.00

  8. Nara Lures

    Starting at £53.00

  9. Nara Blocks

    Starting at £19.10

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12 Items

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