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Insect Traps

1env stock a range of sticky insect traps and monitoring tools used to prevent, catch and control cockroaches, beetles and other crawling insects such as bed bugs. Many of the traps we provide can be used as monitoring tools to determent if insecticide spray treatments and other control methods have been effective. If your insect problem stems from flying insects, check out our range of flying insect traps and fly catchers.

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  1. Silverfish Ninja (Pk 24)
  2. Cockroach Trap
  3. NEW
    Domobios Bed Bug Trap (pk10)
  4. Eradi-Trap (Pk 300)
  5. Eradisect® Insect Monitor Station

    Starting at £0.00

  6. Eradi-Pad

    Starting at £19.50

  7. Eradi Gel Station

    Starting at £19.30

  8. Eradisect® Bait Buddy

    Starting at £11.40

  9. Flea Trap & Refills

    Starting at £5.90

  10. X-Lure MultI Species Trap

    Starting at £35.00

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12 Items

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