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Environmental Impact

At 1env our environmental impact is always at the forefront of our thinking.

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and distributors of pest control products, we take our responsibilities very seriously and recognise the importance of taking necessary steps to reduce our impact on the environment. We also feel it is important that you rest assured that your supply partner, 1env, are doing everything in their power to safeguard you, the industry and of course, the environment.

Bait Stations

1env is the only distributor in Europe that manufacture their own boxes in-house. Our on-site production facility means that we can produce plastic boxes to requirement, without having to rely on overseas suppliers and the transportation involved, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Rotech NG Mouse Box being made in-house

Wherever possible, we use recycled plastic to produce our bait stations and plastic products. The plastic used is from the motor industry that would be heading for land-fill, re-process, re-grind and mould into the boxes you see before you today. The plastics used within the motor industry are of the highest quality. Bumpers and dashboards, for example, must have exceptional durability throughout the vehicles life.

We use bumpers that would be heading for land-fill to mould our boxes

Having the opportunity to give these plastics a second life is great from an environmental perspective, but also from a quality point of new. Our plastic boxes are incredibly durable, robust and able to cope with the most extreme weather conditions.

What Difference Does It Make?

During April 2020 to March 2021, 1env purchased 186 tonnes of black recycled plastic.

So that’s 186 tonnes less in land-fill, 186 tonnes of virgin plastic that need not be produced. These figures combined equate to a saving of 147 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process alone.

This is the equivalent of a lorry driving over 113,000 miles!

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Let's Put This Into Real Numbers!

Each kg of recycled plastic saves 0.79kg of CO2 emissions…

  • 100 mouse boxes weigh 5.7kg: a saving of 4.5kg per carton
  • 50 insect monitors weigh 1.8kg: a saving of 1.42kg per carton
  • 10 bullet boxes weigh 3.02kg: a saving of 2.39kg per carton
  • 10 vanguard boxes weigh 6.84kg: a saving of 5.4kg per carton

If you used 100 black mouse boxes, 50 insect monitors and 20 vanguard rat boxes a month, in 1 year, you will have saved...

200.6kg CO2 vs comparable boxes on manufacturing emissions alone. Which is 1/5 of a tonne! The equivalent of driving a Ford Fiesta 1ltr Ecoboost 1,250 miles.

What Else Are We Doing?

UK Sourced Products

Over the past 7 years, we have worked closely with UK suppliers to provide a wide range of sustainably sourced, high quality products that support UK trade and reduce the carbon impact associated with importing products from abroad.

Recycled Cardboard Packing Boxes

The boxes we use to pack your goods are 80% recycled and 100% recyclable. With thousands of packages leaving us each month, it’s important that the boxes are as recycled as possible, whilst retaining highest quality.

Biodegradable Packing Bags

In an effort to reduce our disposable plastic consumption we use biodegradable packaging bags to help protect your products in transit whilst also protecting the environment.

Package Changes

To help us reduce plastic waste and enable us to hold more stock of each of our lines, we have worked with our key manufacturers to simplify pack sizes. The majority of our rodenticide baits will now be supplied in 5kg tubs and/or 10kg boxes.

Delivery notes, Invoices & Statements

We actively encourage our customers to receive our paperwork in digital form. However, rest assured that every document sent in paper form is generated using only recycled paper.

LED Lighting

Our warehouse & office lighting has been fully upgraded to ultra energy efficient LED lighting using 75% less energy than conventional lighting.

Local Courier

For all deliveries within an 80 mileradius of our distribution facility, we use a local courier using ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles). This means that these goods don’t have to pass through a national distribution network, thus reducing carbon emissions generated through additional transport.


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