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Defender Thistle Plastic Bird Spike (Per M)

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The Defender Thistle is a plastic, low profile bird control spike specifically designed to prevent small birds such as starlings and sparrows, from perching. These smaller pins are 62mm high making them virtually invisible from the ground.

  • Ideal for use against sparrows and starlings
  • Also suitable for use against pigeons and gulls
  • Each strip is snappable to size and easy to install with our adhesive range
  • Each metre is made up of 3 strips
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The Defender Thistle has an impressive 80 pins per strip which fan out in 8 separate angles. The impenetrable pattern of pins not only deters small birds, but also stops larger birds, like the pigeons and seagulls from landing. This makes the Defender Thistle the ideal solution for all bird control problems. As with all Defender Bird Spikes, The Thistle is made here in the UK. 

Each strip of Defender Thistle is 333 mm (13 inches) long. 3 strips are needed to protect a one metre length of ledge. One metre of Defender Thistle will have an incredible 240 pins set in 8 different angles, therefore stopping the most determined small bird from landing on any surface on which the Thistle® has been installed.

The Defender Thistle spike stops small birds from landing or perching on ledges up to 10 cm (4 inches) in depth. It is the perfect solution for the beams on a pergola or a narrow fence and as it is only 62 mm high its very inconspicuous.

To install, simply use a high strength adhesive silicon such as Fixall or Silirub.  Check out our range of cleaning products to ensure the surface is prepared for adhesives to get the best results. Along the base of the Defender Thistle are 38 cross shaped holes. The silicone will push up through these holes when the bird spike base is pressed onto the ledge. This creates a locking system that keeps the bird spike firmly in place.

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