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Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

They live mainly in heated buildings, dustbin areas, waste/compactor areas, cellars, boiler houses, ducting and lift shafts. Often found outside buildings, in drains, gardens, sewers, external brickwork etc, a factor which should be remembered when controlling them.

Adult, 20-24mm long. Dark-brown, nearly black in colour. Wings of male cover two-thirds of abdomen, wings of female are reduced. Can climb rough but not smooth vertical surfaces.

The female Oriental cockroaches carry the ootheca (egg case) for about 30 hours, after which time she deposits them, dropping or attaching them near to a food source. Each ootheca contains 16 eggs which hatch in approximately six weeks, but this period may be greatly extended in cool conditions. Nymphs emerge 6-12 weeks later and progress through 7-10 moults before reaching maturity, a process which takes 10 months - 2 years depending upon temperature and food supply. Adults live approximately 4 - 5months at 25°C.

Effective treatment depends upon the selection and thorough application of a suitable insecticide gel bait. Many insects and egg cases are well hidden; therefore, the insecticide must be placed at and around these harbourages and maintained over the developmental period of the particular species. To control an infestation the insecticide should ideally persist until all egg cases have hatched but continued immigration may demand routine treatments. A high standard of hygiene is important in the control of cockroaches and involves the following components: Deny access to food and water Deny access to harbourages in buildings or equipment. Practice improved hygiene Monitoring of incoming materials including packaging and laundry.

Products to control Oriental Cockroach:

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