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Digrain Phobi F&F+ One Shot

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  • Phobi One Shot has a maximum coverage of 375m3.
  • Highly effective against a range of crawling and flying insects.
  • Quickly activate the aerosol with a quarter turn and lock in place. 
  • Use in a range of indoor settings such as food preparation and domestic premises.

Active Ingredients:
Impirothrin 0.11% w/w, Cyphenothrin 0.33% w/w, Chrysanthemum Cinderariaefolium 0.01%

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Digrain Phobi one shot is highly effective against cockroaches, fleas, flies, bedbugs, moths, mosquitos, gnats, spiders and other crawling and flying insects. For example, stored product pests, including confused flour beetles and biscuit beetles.

For use in enclosed indoor situations, domestic premises, food preparation premises, building trades, kitchens and bakeries.

Active ingredients:

Imiprothrin (CAS No 72963-72-5) 0.11% w/w, Cyphenothrin (CAS No 39515-40-7) 0.33% w/w, Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium 0.01% w/w.

Coverage: 375m3


Activate the Digrain One Shot aerosol with a quarter turn, twisting clockwise until it locks. Ensure you leave the area immediately and close any doors and windows. Leave the treated area for at least 2 hours before re-entering for best results. Before entering, thoroughly ventilate the treated room (2 hours to 12 hours, depending on the possible ventilation rate).

Instructions for use

Phobi F&F+ is a one shot aerosol. Once activated, the aerosol will empty. Adhere to the instructions for use: evacuate people, animals, pets (including terrariums and aquariums), remove any foodstuffs and tightly close doors and windows. Once the aerosol is activated, place it on a non-sensitive surface. Immediately leave the premises and allow the product at least 2 hours to act and control the pests. Ventilate the treated room thoroughly before re-entering. Insects are knocked down instantaneously.

HSE N° 10680 / PCS N°100025

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