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Eradi-Trap (Pack of 300)

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  • Eradi-Trap is a three-part pre-baited insect monitoring trap.
  • The insect trap can be used undivided as a single large trap or separated along perforated lines into three smaller traps.
  • No need for extra insect bait or lures, the traps come prebaited in a box of 100 x 3 traps.
  • Suitable for the monitoring and control of a range of crawling insects such as cockroaches, beetles and bugs.
  • Use the sticky strip to attach the monitoring station to walls and ceilings.

Trap Dimensions: 65mm W x 65mm D x 29mm H

Availability: In stock

The Eradi-Trap is an insect glue trap used for the monitoring and control of a range of crawling insects. Using a prebaited lure, the traps attract bugs into the three-part cardboard constructed system. The lure is a non-toxic product that utilises food flavours as an attractant, making it safe for use in many environments.

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