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ULV 500 1Ltr Insecticide Microgen

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  • ULV 500 Insecticide is a ready to use pyrethroid product, suitable for the control of flying and crawling insects and arachnids.
  • Suitable for ULV applications with machines such as Exodus and Micro-gen E2.
  • For use in unoccupied buildings, hospitals, kitchens, vehicles, ships and in and around farm buildings.


Active Ingredients: Tetramethrin - 0.8% w/w, 1R-Trans-Phenothrin - 4.46% w/w, Piperonyl Butoxide 8.83% w/w

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A ready to use, ULV, oil-based formulation for the control of two-winged flies (including mosquitoes), fleas, cockroaches, beetles, moths and booklice, ants, wasps, earwigs, silverfish and other bristletails, bedbugs, mites, spiders, ticks in domestic and public hygiene situations. For use in kitchens and other rooms in domestic premises and for use in specialised areas such as hospitals (not in occupied ward areas), holds and cabins in ships and in museums. Also for use in and around farm buildings. Not for use in grain silos or inside grain storage bins. Also for use on refuse tips and in vehicles.

HSE 4647



Dose rate – 100ml per 1000m3

Flow rate – 35ml per minute

(Exodus & E2 Microgen machine).

Application equipment – Use the Exodus, Micro-gen or other suitable ULV-droplet generating equipment to disperse this product.

Use undiluted. Remove black plastic screw cap and foil seal. Then fit the 1-litre capacity designated bottle into the machine. Ensure that the top of the bottle dip tube engages with the machine spindle. Close room or warehouse and shut off all ventilating systems and pilot lights. When using in animals houses, livestock need not be removed from the building but should not be sprayed directly with the mist. Leave the room closed for 1 hour after treatment. Do not remain in treated areas and ventilate before re-entry.

Repeat application as necessary for insect control.

Space sprays containing pyrethrins or pyrethroids must not be used more than once a week against houseflies in intensive or controlled environment animal houses as they could cause control failure due to resistance. If more frequent treatments are required, use a product with a different active ingredient and if necessary, a different control method (such as a bait).

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