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Silverfish Ninja (Pack of 3)

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  • The Silverfish Ninja is a natural and eco-friendly silverfish trap.
  • Highly effective at monitoring and controlling Silverfish infestations.
  • Stays fresh and attractive for as long as 3 months.
  • Easy to use, the trap is ready to use and comes in the form of a cardboard station.
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The Silverfish Ninja is a highly effective, non-toxic trap for catching Silverfish. This trap works with a tablet that mimics a feeding and hiding place which attracts the silverfish. As soon as they enter the trap they stick to the adhesive layer. The silverfish trap contains no active substances that kill Silverfish. This trap works entirely on a mechanical basis. 

The Silverfish Trap contains no insecticide or active ingredient and instead traps the Silverfish using a glue strip. Causing the silverfish to die of exhaustion or old age.

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