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Mostyn Duo CS - 500ml

Professional Use Product

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Mostyn Duo CS is a broad-spectrum insecticide with remarkable killing power, excellent flushing out and knock down action, with good residual activity. Controls flying and crawling insects. 

  • Broad spectrum insect control
  • Enhanced operator safety
  • Low mammalian toxicity
  • Microencapsulation – ensuring controlled release
  • Emulsion in water - gives fast knockdown
  • Improved efficacy and longevity in dusty and dirty environments
  • Flushing effect

Cyphenothrin 10.7% w/w and prallethrin 1.1% w/w

Application: Compression Sprayer, Hot & Cold Fogger

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Mostyn Duo offers quick and long lasting control against a wide range of flying and crawling insects. A highly specialised combination of microencapsulation and emulsion-in-water technology, the active ingredients offer dual control. When sprayed, prallethrin (EW) delivers a fast knockdown and flushing effect, while the microencapsulated cyphenothrin gives long lasting residual control. As well as being ideal for use in a variety of environments, Mostyn Duo can also be used against ants and wasps via targeted spraying application.

Application Environments

  • Domestic/commercial/ industrial/agricultural premises
  • Hotels/hospitals/shops/ municipal buildings
  • Restaurants/food handling areas
  • Dairies/livestock and poultry houses/stables/farm buildings
  • Buses/trains/aircraft and other transport
  • Refuse tips/refuse storage areas
  • Raw material stores, grain mills, empty granaries, other storage areas

Target Pests: Ants (adults and nymphs), Beetles, Bed bugs (adults and nymphs), Cockroaches (adults and nymphs), Darkling beetles (adults and nymphs), Earwigs, Fleas, Flies, Hornets and Asian hornets, Moths, Red mites (adults and nymphs), Silverfish, Wasps

Mode of Action: Cyphenothrin and prallethrin disrupt the nervous system of the target pest via stomach and contact action, causing rapid knockdown and death.