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Maxforce Platin (4 x 30g Tubes)

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Maxforce® Platin has been developed to aid pest controllers foster healthier environments where people live, work and play.

Key features and benefits

  • Remains active and effective for up to 12 months
  • Contains BlueBead taste enhancing technology
  • 100% new formulation
  • Consistent in all temperatures
  • New active ingredient
  • Controls cockroaches and grey silverfish

Contains: 1.026% Clothianidin

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Pest control operators protect public health by managing cockroach infestations. These hardy insects can tolerate a wide range of environments ranging from extreme heat to colder temperatures making them a difficult pest problem to manage. The harmful effects of cockroach infestations can be significant within most residential and commercial conditions.

Maxforce® Platin is Hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive environments. The 'Big 14 Allergens' accounts for over 90% of food allergies. The formulation of Maxforce® Platin reduces the risk of allergy reaction in case of contact or accidental contamination. Complying with food safety standards and IPM requirements, this product is made for sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and food handling industry's.

The new active ingredient Clothianidin, helps avoid building resistance of actives other than neonicotinoids. Maxforce® Platin has also introduced BlueBead technology, this feeding stimulant ensures an excellent long lasting palatability. The new BlueBead taste enhancers are particulary attractive to feeding nymphs. The use of Clothianidin, alongside the newly introduced BlueBead technology tackles this problem head on to give pest controllers a unique tool in combating cockroaches and grey silverfish.

Great Secondary Control
The gel can be transferred from one cockroach to another beacause non-treated survivors can eat the dead bodies or faeces of individuals that have previously fed on the gel. The is known as the 'Domino Effect' and it enables Maxforce® Platin to control even those cockroaches that remain hidden within harbourages. 

For maximum effectiveness the biocidal product must be placed in and around cockroach harbourages and, if possible, between these areas and food sources. In addition, for an optimal effectiveness, all natural sources of food palatable for cockroaches must be removed from the infested area to encourage the consumption of the bait. The application rate is adjusted to the density of the infestation and the type of cockroach found.

Cockroach Species: Against nymphs and adults Application Rate per m² Follow Up
Small Cockroaches i.e German Cockroaches (Blattella germanica)

Moderate Infestation (cockroaches rarely visible during the day): 0.1 g/ m²

Severe infestation (cockroaches commonly visible during the day): 0.2 g/m² - using 2 spots of 0.1 g/m²

The gel baits must stay in place at least 14 days for optimal efficacy. One month after, new fresh gel baits can be reapplied if cockroaches are still visible.
Large Cockroaches i.e Oriental Cockroaches (Blatta orientalis) 0.2 g/m² - using 2 spots of 0.1 g/m² The gel baits must stay in place at least 4 weeks for optimal efficacy. If cockroaches are still visible, new fresh gel baits can be reapplied.
American Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) 0.2 g/m² - using 2 spots of 0.1 g/m²
0.3 g/m² - using 3 spots of 0.1 g/m²
The gel baits must stay in place at least 12 weeks for optimal efficacy. If cockroaches are still visible, new fresh gel baits can be reapplied.



Maxforce Platin is a first of it's kind gel bait to successfully treat grey silverfish. Traditional liquid insecticides sometimes cannot be applied to the difficult areas that grey silverfish inhabit. Grey Silverfish do not search for their food, therefore bait strategies differ when treating silverfish with gel.

For use against grey silverfish: Place many small drops in areas where grey silverfish hide and live. These areas may be under or behind base/skirting boards, under wooden panelling or other areas that provide cover.

Silverfish: mixed age population Application Rate per m² Follow Up 
Grey Silverfish (Ctenolepisma longicaudatum) 0.1422g/m²** The gel baits must stay in place at least 8 weeks for optimal efficacy. If grey silverfishes are still visible, new fresh gel baits can be reapplied.

Please note:
* 0.1g ≈ 1 drop of 7mm
** The application rate 0.1422 g/m² corresponds to approximately 20 spots of 3mm diameter per sqm or 65 drops of 2 mm diameter per sqm (1 drop of 2 mm diameter ≈ 0.002g, 1 drop of 3 mm diameter drop ≈ 0.007g)

How long before the gel can be used?

5ºC - 2 minutes at room temperature
10ºC - 2 minutes at room temperature 
22ºC - 10 minutes at room temperature 

Even at 54ºC, there are no drips from the applicator. Gel applied on hot surfaces do not run or slide out of place. 

This gel is soft and wet when applied and becomes dry within hours. Remaining palatable for up to 12 months. 

IE/BPA 70689-001

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