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  • Oa2ki includes no Chemicals and is a concentrate made up entirely of plant extracts.
  • Easy ready-to-use trigger spray for fast and practical application.
  • Oa2ki organic insecticide controls crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, wasps and more.
  • Effective against all lifeforms (eggs, larva, pupa and adults).
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Oa2ki is an organic insect control agent based entirely upon concentrated natural plant extracts of food-grade quality; it is low risk to humans and other mammals. Oa2ki is pesticide-free and functions solely by physical means, and is effective in controlling most types of common flying & crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, wasps, and stored product insects.

Available in a 500ml concentrate and 500ml ready to use trigger spray or aerosol.

Oa2ki residual insect powder aerosol is produced from fossilised diatoms (single celled plants) known as diatomaceous earth. The powder controls insects by non-chemical means and therefore may be considered a lower risk solution for the control of a range of insect pests, especially in sensitive areas. The powder causes insects to lose moisture and die by desiccation and therefore means that the pests cannot develop resistance which is often seen with pesticide formulations. Please note that as Oa2ki aerosol works by physical means, control may take slightly longer than some chemical applications.

Application instructions:

Apply the spray as required to areas that the insects live or frequent from a distance of approximately 30 cm and allow to dry. Oa2ki aerosol can be applied direct from the nozzle or via a suitable straw. When using a straw, the tip can be placed close to or in the target area to be treated. Ideal for applying around areas where traditional dusts will not stay in place such as around bed frames for bed bugs etc. Spray may cause a visible deposit of the powder which can be wiped/vacuumed away at the end of the treatment however it is advisable to spray a small test area first incase the product causes staining or damage.

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