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Diptron Cypermethrin (1Ltr)

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No longer available, try Eradisect Cy-Pro Insecticide Concentrate instead

Diptron Concentrate is a highly effective insecticide for professional use against a wide variety of flying and crawling insects. The unique formulation offers a great knock down and flushing effect with long lasting residual.

Active Ingredients:  Cypermethrin 15% & Piperonyl Butoxide 15%

Application:  Compression Sprayer and foggable

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No longer available, try Eradisect Cy-Pro Insecticide Concentrate instead

HSE No 10702

Recommendations for use:

Follow the instructions for use in order to prevent danger to people and the environment. Do not use when people end/or animals ore present. Ventilate the premises well before entering. Do not mix with any other chemical product. Avoid contact with treated surfaces. Do not use in areas where children ploy, nurseries and primary schools. Do not  use on food or cooking utensils. It must not be used on surfaces where food is handled, prepared or to be consumed. After dilution with water, log (except in the food industry), brush or spray the product on skirting boards and floors. In the food industry, spray or brush the product diluted with water on skirting boards and floors, do not apply to the air or to  surfaces  where food is handled, prepared, served or  consumed. If used for food hygiene, ensure that not food is present. Take all necessary measures to ensure that no residue remains of the product's active ingredients on food, machinery and/or utensils handled on the premises or installations previously treated with the product.

Preparation: Add the dose of DIPTRON CYPERMETHRIN to the sprayer tonk and fill with water. Shake well to homogenise the emulsion before use.

Application: Use against flying and crawling insects such as flies, mosquitos, cockroaches and fleas. Brush or spray the suspected zone of passage or nesting area of the insects: behind and under domestic appliances, boilers, skirting boards. Round the edges of doors and windows, cabins, etc.

Fogging: 10 ml per 1500 m3

Surface spraying & brushing: Dilute 32.5 ml of the product in 5 L of water to treat 100 m2  (50 ml/m2).

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