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  • Formidor is a ready to use insecticidal gel to control garden ants (Lasius niger) and Argentine ants (Linepithema humile).
  • For use in both domestic and commercial buildings by professional operators.
  • Once consumed, ants will carry the bait back to their ant broods (eggs, larvae, and pupae).
  • As little as three bait points, every metre on all ant trails is enough to kill an ant infestation.

Formidor gel will be withdrawn from the market. Last sale date 28th March 2024, with a last use date of 24th September 2024. Have you tried Imidasect Ant Gel or Maxforce Quantum?

Active Ingredient: 0.05% fipronil

Application: Bait Gun

Availability: In stock

Formidor ant bait is a highly effective insecticidal gel bait used to control garden ants (Lasius niger) and Argentine ants (Linepithema humile). Fipronil's honeydew formulation is very active at a low dose by both contact and ingestion. Furthermore, it is quick and easy to use indoors and outdoors in commercial and domestic buildings.

Fipronil is a broad insecticide that works by disrupting the central nervous system of the insect.

Formidor works when ingested by ants, even in very low quantities. The sugary formula attracts the ants before they consume the active substance and bring it back to their nest to feed their brood. The ants will die in the nest a few hours after a single application.

Rate of Application

Field of use Application Application time
In and around domestic and commercial premises Up to 3 bait points (drops) every metre on the ant trails As soon as you see ant activity

Treated areas should be re-inspected after 1-2 weeks. A second application may be required if the first treatment has been totally consumed and live ants are still present after a week.

Authorisation number: UK-2016-1030-0001

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