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Maxforce Quantum 30g

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  • Maxforce Quantum is a highly effective insecticidal gel used for the control of all significant ant species.
  • The cartridges are designed to control ants in food handling, food preparation, and outdoor areas.
  • Using our bait guns, the Maxforce gel is quick and easy to apply.
  • Long-lasting and can be placed for up to three months.

Active ingredient:
0.03% imidacloprid.

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Maxforce Quantum’s unique non-drying formulation is highly attractive to ants and remains active for up to 3 months due to exclusive bait matrix technology from Bayer. However, ants change their route to food so this needs to be monitored as keeping the bait in the same spot for 3 months may not mean the ant is exposed to it for the whole time. It is used to control sweet and protein lovings ants such as Pharaoh Ants (Monomorium pharaonis), Black/Garden Ants (Lasius niger), Ghost Ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) and Argentine Ants (Linepithema humile).

Key Features and Benefits:

- Controls all major ant species.
- Rapid control.
- Quick and easy to apply.
- Remains effective for up to 3 months.


HSE: 8888

Maxforce Quantum cartridgesare designed for thecontrolled placement of bait in the following situations:

Domestic Premises  (Including Kitchens) 
Food Handling  Processing: Food manufacture, kitchens, slaughterhouses etc.
Storage: Food retailers, warehouses, raw material stores, silos (except where grain is stored) etc.
Preparation: Restaurants, commercial kitchens etc
Public Buildings  Continuously occupied areas including hospital wards, hotels, public baths, municipal buildings, churches, halls, community centres, cinemas etc.
Outdoor  Terraces, pavements, patios, entrance areas to sheds and garages etc. Not to be used in soil, lawns, flower beds.

Application rates and delivery

How to use:

Using Maxforce Quantum’s transparent formulation will allow you to apply the product quicker than other conventional treatments (especially bait stations). The 30g cartridge contains 150 single doses (0.2g), which is enough to cover 150m2 (this will treat approximately 15 apartments).

  1. Apply out of reach and sight of children and domestic animals.
  2. For maximum effectiveness Maxforce Quantum must be placed on a horizontal surface or near ant trails.
  3. Survey the area to be treated to identify sites of ant infestation e.g. by using bait traps.
  4. An effect on the ant population can be expected within 7 days when frequency of foragers will decline.
  5. Most nests are eliminated within 14 days. However, under some circumstances like very high ant numbers or re-invasion, total control may take up to 2 months.
  6. Baiting points remain efficacious for at least 12 weeks.
  7. As long as baiting points are present, re-invasion will be avoided.

Indoor use:

  1. Apply Maxforce Quantum directly as spots in identified target areas.
  2. Instruct residents to avoid cleaning or removing bait spots.
  3. Where infestations are high, inspect the applied spots of Maxforce Quantum regularly and make further applications as required.
  4. Avoid application to excessively dusty, damp or greasy locations, and areas which are subject to washing.
  5. Do not apply to food preparation surfaces or areas that have recently been treated with other insecticides or contaminate the bait with other insecticides.

When Maxforce Quantum is applied in an ant bait station, use as follows: 

  • Place in a horizontal position where ants can be seen foraging for food.
  • Indoors, trails are often emerging from underneath doors, windows or cracks & crevices.
  • Place one ant bait station per trail.
  • In difficult situations (more than one trail) use additional ant bait stations.

Outdoor use:

  1. Maxforce Quantum can be placed in cracks and crevices (in brick walls, between pavement slabs etc) where ants are seen to be active or ant trails are evident.
  2. Place bait preferably in an area protected from rain.
  3. If exposed area has to be treated, apply if no rain is expected for the next 24 hours.
  4. In case of rain fall within 24 hours, retreat once.
  5. If nest entrances can be identified, inject preferably bait liquid directly into nest entrance.

When Maxforce Quantum is applied in an ant bait station, use as follows:

  • Place ant bait stations in a horizontal position where ants can be seen foraging for food and where the ant bait station is protected from direct sun light and rain.
  • Place one ant bait station per trail.
  • In difficult situations (more than one trail) use additional ant bait stations. 
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