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Solway MK4 Fenn Trap

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  • The Solway MK4 Fenn Trap is a powerful spring trap used for the control of small ground rodents.
  • The powerful springs provide an instant, and therefore humane, kill.
  • Suitable for the effective control of rats, mice, grey squirrels, weasels and rabbits.
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The Solway MK4 Fenn Trap is a highly effective spring trap designed for the control of small rodents like rats, mice and grey squirrels. With powerful springs, this Fenn trap delivers a swift blow and a humane kill. 

Safety catches are fitted on the rodent trap and should be used whenever the trap is being moved or adjusted. The springs are extremely strong and are more than capable of breaking the bones in a human hand, so handle them with care. 

Please be aware, you are required by law to use these traps in a natural or artificial tunnel. Once in place, check the traps at least twice daily and take any measures possible to prevent non-target species from gaining access.

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