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Electronic Rat Trap

£52.80 £44.00
  • A battery-operated electronic rat trap that delivers an electric shock to kill the rat.
  • Capable of killing up to 50 rats on one of four C-Cell batteries (not included). 
  • A green light will indicate when the trap has been activated and caught a rat.

Dimensions: (h) 120mm x (w) 215mm x (d) 100mm

Availability: In stock

The Victor Electronic Rat Trap is a highly innovative trap that delivers an electric shock to the rat, killing it in seconds. Place bait inside the electric trap, and when a rat touches the two plates, it will activate an electrical circuit. Furthermore, it's amateur-friendly as you'll only need to place an attractant inside, place the trap in an area with rat activity and turn it on.

A discreet, humane method to control rats, the rat zapper ensures you don't have to see or touch the dead rat once it has been caught due to its easily removable kill chamber.

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