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A24 Goodnature Trap Stand

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  • Goodnature A24 Trap Stand gives you the flexibility to target a wider range of areas with your A24 traps.
  • Eradicates the need to de-gas and de-pressurise your A24s when moving them.
  • The trap stand holds the A24 traps at a 45° angle, resulting in more natural interaction with rats.
  • Minimises the risk of targeting non-target species.
  • Features viewing holes to easily identify the success of your traps.
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The A24 Trap Stand is the ideal accessory for A24 trap, providing you with the flexibility to target a greater range of areas. The trap stand gives you the ability to move your traps with ease, allowing you to fine-tune your network.

When using the A24 Trap Stand, there is no need to de-gas and de-pressurise your A24 traps. The trap stand also features viewing holes which allow you to see whether or not the trap has been successful in humanely dispatching rodents.

This trap stand is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and it’s stable when set on sloping ground thanks to its two peg holes. By placing traps into the A24 Trap Stand, you allow for a much more natural approach for rats to interact with them - thanks to the 45° angle it features.

Please note that the A24 Trap Stand cannot be used in conjunction with the excluder tunnel. When using the stand outside, we recommend building up around the tunnel using stones and bricks to prevent access to non-target species.

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