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Black Cat Rat Trap

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The original Black Cat Rat Trap is a highly powerful and effective rat break back trap. Provides a swift, clean kill!

(h) 170mm x (w) 114mm x (d) 166mm

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The Black Cat Trap is an extremely powerful and robust rat trap that is recommended for use by professional operators only. It is very economical and reusable for years of service. It is easy to bait, and it entices rodents to the ideal location for a swift and human kill. The tried and tested traditional design has a proven track record of incredible efficacy and has quickly become a favourite for hundreds of pest controllers in the UK.  

A strong spring motion is provided by the handle! This results in the rat's instant death. When unsetting the trap, the trap release trigger at the back releases and lessens the possibility of catching fingers.

Can be used with Non-toxic wax blocks as an attractive bait.  

Looking for the little brother of the ever popular Black Cat rat trap? The Black Cat Nano's smaller size allows it to fit underneath most kitchen units.

Please Note:

If this trap is not handled properly, users may suffer serious harm. Before handling the trap, it is important to thoroughly read the instructions and handle the trap with care.

Non-target animals must always be kept away from the trap. 

Owing to its size, we advise utilising the trap exclusively in enclosed spaces like an eaves cupboard, attic space, or beneath flooring. If utilising outdoors, restrict access to the trap by utilising the Black Cat Trap Cage.

It's crucial to check traps every day and to release any animals that are caught right away.

Warning: The Black Cat Rat Trap must not be handled by children. Store the trap away when not in use and when armed make sure kids are not around.

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