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Eradisect Clothes Moth Trap (Pack of 10)

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  • Pack of 10 Clothes Moth Traps designed for the monitoring and control of clothes moths.
  • Utilising a visual pattern and a powerful lure which is highly attractive for clothes moths.
  • For use in domestic homes and commercial settings to monitor for signs of a moth infestation.
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The Eradisect moth sticky trap is a highly effective cardboard trap that is to be hung in areas such as wardrobes and dresses. A fantastic tool for monitoring for signs of a clothes moth infestation. The moth traps work by using a powerful lure and visual pattern that attracts moths to the trap. Each pack of traps comes complete with 10 lures and 10 tethers.

Once a moth infestation has been identified by the traps, further considerations such as an insecticide treatment may be required to kill all female moths and moth larvae/eggs.

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