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Coopex Maxi & Mini Smoke Generators

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  • The ready-to-use formulation involves no mixing or specialist equipment.
  • It will control insects present at the time of treatment by direct contact action (space treatment).
  • Maxi comes in a pack of 12 
  • Mini comes in a pack of 35

Active Ingredient: Permethrin 13.25%


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Coopex Mini Smokes are biodegradable and have highly penetrative smoke for fast, efficient control and the smoke leaves no unsightly deposit, tainting or residual odour.

Maxi Coverage: Maxi fumer (27g) will treat up to 1000m³
Mini Coverage: A Mini fumer (3.5g) will treat up to 120m³

Flying insects:
For the control of flying insects e.g. houseflies, cluster flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, wasps and moths.

Crawling insects:
Aids the control of crawling insects e.g. Fleas, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and stored product insects e.g. Saw[1]toothed grain beetles and adult grain weevils.

Application rates:

Insect  Dosage 
Flying Insects 1 generator per 1000 cubic meters
Fleas and Bed bugs 1 generator per 250 cubic meters
Other crawling insects (such as ants and cockroaches) 1 generator per 62.5 cubic meters

HSE 5131, PCS 93409

Where infestations are associated with domestic animals, the animals should be treated using a suitable veterinary product. The animals bedding and other infested areas should be treated with K-Othrine Partix 250ml. Thorough cleaning of the premises will also contribute to flea control and reduce to opportunity for further infestation.

Thorough cleaning, including laundering of bedding will assist the control of bedbug infestations. In addition the mattress (not bed linen) should be treated with K-Othrine Partix 250ml or Ficam D.

How to use:

  1. Not for use on grain or in empty grain stores.
  2. Remove/Cover processed foodstuffs, utensils and food preparation equipment.
  3. Cover unprocessed foodstuffs.
  4. Seal area to be treated as effectively as possible. Close doors and windows block fireplaces and exclude draughts.
  5. Clear people, plants and animals including fish from the area to be treated.
  6. Take the required number of smoke generators. Tear off tag and remove container cap.
  7. Place each smoke generator in the centre of a fireproof base of approximately 300 mm x 300 mm but NOT in a bucket or other enclosed space.
  8. When a number of smoke generators are being used, space them throughout the area to be treated, and prepare all for ignition before lighting the first.
  9. Light the igniter using a match.
  10. Do not leave lighted match on generator.
  11. Light smoke generators in sequence, starting with the furthest from an identified exit.
  12. Leave for not less than two hours or one hour per 1.5 m ceiling height.
  13. After treatment is complete, open windows and doors and ventilate thoroughly.

The product may be used to treat empty bins and stores, or spaces where unprocessed foodstuffs are protected from deposits of the insecticide by means of a covering not more permeable than twill jute sacking.

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