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Digrain Wasp & Hornet Destroyer

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  • Digrain Wasp & Nest Destroyer is a highly effective aerosol for the control of wasps and hornets nests indoors and outdoors plus use against moths and flies.
  • Digrain is a powerful insecticide with great knockdown effects.
  • A huge 600ml can allows for extended spray length and improved economy.

Active Ingredients: 0.25% Permethrin, 0.24% Tetramethrin

Availability: In stock

Highly effective Wasp and hornet destroyer. Fast-acting insecticide aerosol for the control of wasps, hornets, moths and flies. Nozzle and valve design provide a directional jet of spray of 18 feet for operator safety. Large can size for improved economy.

HSE No: 7644

Application Rate: Spray product for 15-18 seconds per nest from a distance of 2-3 metres or spray short 1-2 seconds bursts directly at insects.

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