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Deadline Mouse Blocks

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  • Deadline Mouse Poison Blocks are a triangular-shaped 10g wax and cereal block.
  • The popular Deadline Blocks offer excellent weatherability and palatability.
  • Each pack contains 480 x 10g blocks.
  • Contains 0.01% bromadiolone.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • To purchase please provide CRRU Approved Certifications.

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UK Authorisation Number: UK-2014-0811

HSE No. 7178 

Active Ingredient: 0.01% bromadiolone.

Directions for use:

Deadline Mouse Blocks are ready to use bait blocks for use in the control of mice indoors and outdoors. Place 1-2 blocks (10-20g of bait) per bait box or in well-protected situations, at frequent intervals i.e. about 3 metres where mice are running and feeding.

To increase the likelihood of bait take, it is particularly important to ensure that the availability of alternative food sources is minimised at the onset of treatment. 

Always position baits well so as to protect from the prevailing weather and to prevent access by humans, domestic animals and wildlife. Inspect the baits at appropriate intervals and replace blocks until no more bait is taken. Once the rodent population is completely controlled, do not place further rodenticide until a new infestation is identified.


To be used only by professional users holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements.
Read the label before use. Using this product in a manner that is inconsistent with the label may be an offence. Refer to the CRRU UK Code of Best Practice (or equivalent) for guidance.
When this product is supplied to a user for the control of rodents, it shall only be supplied to a professional user holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements.

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