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Talon Soft XT 300g (10 Pack)

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*Due to a change in formula, Syngenta has introduced a new Talon Soft. Talon Soft XT is now available online at 1env!

  • Talon Soft is a highly palatable pasta bait for the use against rats and mice.
  • Supplied in 300g tubes to allow for easy application (caulking gun) and transportation, which reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Can be used within our range of rodent bait stations.
  • Extremely palatable when used in and around buildings.

Active Ingredient: 0.0025% Brodifacoum

Availability: In stock

Talon Soft XT is a ready to use paste bait, containing brodifacoum (0.0025%w/w), for use as a rodenticide by trained professionals for the control of rats and mice, indoors and outdoors around buildings for the protection of public health, stored products and materials. Use Biocides Safely and Sustainably. It is illegal to use this product for uses or in a manner other than that prescribed on this label. Not for sale to the general public or any person other than trained professionals.

Directions for use

Read and follow the product information as well as any information accompanying the product or provided at the point of sale before using it. Carry out a pre-baiting survey of the infested area and an on-site assessment in order to identify the rodent species, their places of activity and determine the likely cause and the extent of the infestation. Remove food which is readily attainable for rodents (e.g. spilled grain or food waste). Apart from this, do not clean up the infested area just before treatment, as this only disturbs the rodent population and makes bait acceptance more difficult to achieve.

The product should only be used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) system including, amongst others, hygiene measures and, where possible, physical methods of control. The product should be placed in the immediate vicinity of places where rodent activity has been previously explored (e.g. travel paths, nesting sites, feedlots, holes, burrows etc). Where possible bait stations must be fixed to the ground or other structures. Bait stations must be clearly labelled to show they contain rodenticides and that they must not be moved or opened. Bait must be secured so that it cannot be dragged away from the bait station. Place the product out of reach of children, birds, pets and farm animals, and other non-target animals. Place the product away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs, as well as from utensils or surfaces that have contact with these.

Wear protective chemical resistant gloves during product handling phase (EN374). When using the product do not eat drink or smoke. Wash hands and directly exposed skin after using the product. The frequency of visits to the treated area should be at the discretion of the operator, in the light of the survey conducted at the outset of the treatment. That frequency should be consistent with the recommendations provided by the relevant code of best practice. If bait uptake is low relative to the size of the infestation, consider the replacement of bait points to further places and the possibility to change to another bait formulation.

If after a treatment period of 35 days, baits continued to be consumed and no decline in rodent activity can be observed, the likely cause must be determined. Where other elements have been excluded, it is likely that there are resistant rodents so consider the use of a non anticoagulant rodenticide, where available, or a more potent anticoagulant rodenticide. Also consider the use of traps as an alternative control measure. Use a spatula for postapplication (cleaning/disposal) of bait.

Application details

Rats (Rattus norvegicus, Rattus rattus)

Indoor and outdoor use
(around buildings)
Secure up to 200g of product in covered tamper resistant bait stations or covered bait points spaced 10m apart (5m apart in areas of high infestation) in areas where rats are active.
Mice (Mus musculus)

Indoor and outdoor use
(around buildings)
Secure up to 50g of product in covered tamper resistant bait stations or covered bait points spaced 10m apart (5m apart in high infestation areas) in areas where mice are active.

Regularly check bait consumption and replace consumed or spoilt bait until consumption has stopped. Repeat treatment in situations where there is evidence of new infestation (e.g. fresh tracks or droppings).

A CRRU Certification is required for all professional pest controllers to purchase rat and mouse poisons.

To be used only by professional users holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements.
Read the label before use. Using this product in a manner that is inconsistent with the label may be an offence. Refer to the CRRU UK Code of Best Practice (or equivalent) for guidance.
When this product is supplied to a user for the control of rodents, it shall only be supplied to a professional user holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements.

Great Britain registration number: GB-2017-1115-3-0002

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