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Rotech® Mouse Glue Trap (Pack of 10)

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  • The Rotech® Mouse Glue Trap is an ideal solution for mice infestations
  • Folding design allows for customisation into desired shapes
  • Features strong-hold glue that’s highly effective against mice
  • Capable of catching multiple mice at once
  • Available in a pack of 10 for all your mice control needs

Dimensions: (h) 8mm x (w) 230mm x (d) 150mm 

Availability: In stock

The Rotech® Mouse Glue Traps are a highly effective solution for out of control mice infestations. They are extremely versatile and can be folded into numerous shapes, including tubes to look like mice tunnels.

The glue traps use high-tack glue, thereby minimising the risk of escape once caught, and are able to capture multiple mice at once to get rid of the infestation efficiently. 

These mice glue traps are supplied folded, which means any traps you don’t use will be kept clean and fresh should you need them again. 

The straightforward design makes mice control simple. Just place a glue board along a run or runs with high levels of mice activity, ensuring pets are unable to access them and check twice a day for mice. Once mice are captured, dispose of them humanely before disposing of the glue traps or covering them appropriately.

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