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Wire Rope Clamps

  • Wire Rope Clamps are a quick and effective means of making a loop or a thimble eye in wire rope.
  • Designed for use in securing and attaching bird netting installations.
  • Available in a galvanised or stainless steel finish.
  • Suitable for use with 2mm and 3mm wire rope.
  • Sold in a pack of 10.
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Rope Grips
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Wire Rope Clamps are the perfect solution for creating a loop or a thimble eye in wire rope, quickly and effectively. Made from a U-bolt, a bridge and two hexagonal nuts, these wire rope clamps are designed to use in attaching and securing bird netting installations.

Sold in a pack of 10, these bird net fixings are available in either a galvanised or stainless steel finish to suit all aesthetic requirements. For use with a 7mm nut spinner, the U-bolt should be fitted over the non-load-bearing tail of the loop. The hex nuts are suitable for tightening using a spanner or socket.

For more information, please view the diagram below for installing bird netting.

Installing Bird Netting:

Drill holes and fit corner fixings where the net turns a corner. Drill holes and fit intermediate fixings at 1m intervals in a straight line between the corner fixings. Run 10m of wire rope through the fixings of one side.
Attach one end of the wire rope to a corner fixing by looping the wire then secure with 2 ferrules (each crimped twice) or 2 wire rope grips. Run 10m of wire rope through the fixings of one side. Hook an open barrel strainer to other corner fixing, thread the free end of the wire through the eye of the barrel strainer pull the rope tight. Secure with 2 ferrules or wire rope grips, then close the strainer to tighten rope.
Repeat steps 3-6 for the other 3 sides. To install the net, attach one corner of the net to the corner fixing using a corner tie. Hog-ring each square to the wire rope, ensure the net is pulled tight and square. Attach the other 3 corners using net corner ties. Trim off any excess net.


For nets larger than 10m x 10m:

The main difference for installing a larger net is that you will need to install corner fixings every 10m to distribute the weight of the net.

You may also need to install additional cross wires to prevent the net from sagging in the middle e.g. 20m x 10m nets.

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