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Romax Rodent Seal

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  • Rodent sealant with added steel fibres providing extra proofing against mice & rats.
  • Perfect for filling in small gaps around your home to deter rodents.
  • Suitable for all users - amateur or professional.
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This Rodent Seal from Romax is specially formulated with stainless steel fibres within the silicone. Incorporating these fibres into the sealant means that, once set, rodents like mice and rats will not be able to chew through. Ideal for filling in small holes or gaps in your property to deny access to rodents, as well as deter them. You will require a Caulking Gun to apply this sealant to your desired area. 

Typical Applications:

- Sealing of wall/floor expansion joints where rodent ingress/egress is recurrent.
- Sealing holes to brickwork, timber, windows, door frames etc.
- Use within food preparation environments to seal around waste pipes, services etc.
- For use where grommets have been chewed to electrical conduits etc.
- For large holes this product can be spread over a Polyethylene Sheet to a depth of 6 mm, once cured this can be cut to any shape, simply apply Romax® Rodent Seal to the area for fixing and over lay the cut out.


Joint surfaces must be clean, dry and free from loose material, dust or grease.

How To Use:

Cut off cartridge seal, cut nozzle to the required size, attach nozzle to cartridge. Extrude the sealant firmly against the joint surfaces to ensure complete contact. Tool the sealant into the joint to compact, within 5 minutes from application before skin begins to form.

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