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Provoke Rat & Mouse Attractant

  • Rat Attractants are non-toxic baits designed to entice rats and mice to traps.
  • Specially formulated to meet the unique behavioural characteristics of rats and their sense of smell.
  • The Provoke Mouse & Rat Attractants offer more of a liquid consistency and are supplied in squeeze bottles for swift application.
  • For use with a range of trap types.
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Rat Attractants are ready-to-use, non-toxic baits used for enticing rats and mice towards traps and boxes. Our range of attractants have been specially formulated to meet the unique behavioural characteristics of rats and avoid triggering their neophobia. 

Rat and mice attractants are the ideal way to reduce the time it takes for effective rodent control. These attractants are suitable for use with Snap TrapsGlue Boards, Multi-Catch Traps, and Cage Traps to cover all bases.

Application Method: 

  1. The product comes in a squeezable bottle with a long nozzle for easy application.
  2. Apply it to the bait cups or baiting areas in all mouse traps.
  3. Provoke mouse attractant is hypoallergenic; it can be used in sensitive areas where attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited.
  4. It is also water soluble so it won’t stain clothing or carpet.
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