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Nara Rodent Attractant Spray

This product is no longer available, please see our Nara Blocks & Lures online now.

  • Nara Rodent Attractant Spray effectively covers up the strong plastic scent of new traps and bait stations that triggers a rat’s neophobia and repels them.
  • Decrease the time it takes to complete rat control jobs with this powerful attractant.
  • Designed specifically to entice rats using a combination of natural aromas and fats.
  • Long-lasting effects once sprayed.
  • Non-toxic and safe-to-use.
  • Available in scents Chocolate or Meat.


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This Rodent Attractant Spray from Nara has been specially formulated to entice rats to traps and bait stations, thereby reducing the time taken for rodent control jobs to be completed successfully. Due to their neophobia, the unfamiliar scent of plastic boxes and traps actually repels rodents. Spraying this non-toxic rodent attractant spray on new traps eradicates these scents, and replaces them with natural ones.

Rats are drawn to fats, which is why this spray contains high levels of fats as well as natural aromas making a combination they just can’t ignore. Plus, thanks to the high levels of natural oils, the scents last for up to two months.

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