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Fluorescent Tracking Dust

  • Fluorescent tracking dust is used in rodent detection and movement.
  • It helps detect the presence of rats and mice, aiding you to know where is best to place poison and traps.
  • Rat tracking powder will identify rat runs to assist rodent proofing. You can also place it inside bait stations.
  • Dust fluoresces/glows under ultraviolet light.
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Rotech® Fluorescent Tracking Dust Puffer 100gm
£17.28 £14.40
Fluorescent Tracking Dust Blue 250g
£35.40 £29.50
Fluorescent Tracking Dust Yellow 250g
£37.56 £31.30
Fluorescent Tracking Dust Pink 250g
£37.56 £31.30
Fluorescent Tracking Dust Yellow 1kg
£104.28 £86.90

A non-toxic fluorescent powder that is used to track the movement of rodents. Otherwise known as rat tracking powder, the dust glows under UV light and comes in 100g, 250g and 1kg tubs in three different colours. Placing rodent tracking dust in areas where you are unsure if there is rodent activity, and the dust will aid your decision-making to identify and control a rodent infestation.

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