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Defender 4 Stainless Steel Bird Spike (Per M)

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  • The Defender 4 is a tried and tested stainless steel bird spike.
  • Suitable for ledges that have a depth of 2.5cm to 20cm (1 to 4 inches).
  • The base is made from super-tough Durolon UV stabilised polycarbonate.
  • A harmless and discreet method to prevent birds from nesting, perching and roosting.
  • Suitable for the heaviest of pigeon and bird infestations.
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The Defender 4 stainless steel bird spike is your option to protect homes and businesses from birds roosting, perching and nesting. With a strip length of 33cm or 13 inches, the spikes are highly effective at preventing pigeons from landing on ledges, roofs, signage and more.

Installing Bird Spikes: 

Spike systems are an effective system for proofing against pigeons and gulls in most situations, however this is not recommended for smaller bird species such as sparrows. Before installing bird spikes, it is important to make sure the area is cleaned by removing any guano and debris, such as flaking paint. This ensures proper adhesion. Surfaces should also be cleaned and sanitised with products such as Bio-Rid to disinfect and start breaking down the guano and dirt. Ensure the surface is dry before application, for damp conditions use a product such as Fix-all.
Apply silicon to the surface or base of the spike using a caulking gun, use the ridge in the base of the spike as a guide. Immediately position spike onto the surface, press down firmly in to place. Systems with angled leading spikes offer better edge protection when installed so spikes are protruding over the edge slightly. Rows of spikes should be no further than 65mm apart for pigeons and maximum of 100mm apart for gulls. Bird spike can be installed by using cable ties for pipes and rails or screwed on to wooden surfaces. They can also be installed on windows and gutters using specific clips.
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