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Deadline Difenacoum Paste 300g (Pack of 12)

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  • Deadline Difenacoum Paste is a highly palatable paste bait rodenticide for professional use against mice.
  • The Difenacoum Mice Poison is for use in indoor and outdoor situations.
  • Tube size of 300g. 
  • Can be used within our range of rodent bait stations.

Active Ingredient:
0.005% difenacoum.


Availability: In stock

UK Authorisation Number: UK-2011-0148


Wear gloves and any other suitable personal protective equipment. Use only in the caulking gun supplied. Cut off the dome end of the tube, taking care not to damage the screw thread. Cut off the tapered plastic nozzle to achieve an opening of approximately 1cm in diameter. Screw the nozzle onto the tube before installing the caulking gun. Apply up to 4g of bait into both corners of the bait box. After application, deposit any ‘run-on’ by drawing the end of the nozzle against the bait container. Cover the nozzle when not in use and release the caulking gun pressure to prevent leakage. Place bait boxes where mice are active, in runs or near harbourages. As a guide, place boxes 5 metres apart for high infestations and 10 metres apart for low infestations. Boxes containing the bait should not be placed near hot pipes and ovens etc. Always protect baits well so as to protect from the prevailing weather and to prevent access by humans, domestic animals and wildlife. Inspect baiting points at appropriate intervals and replenish bait as necessary until no more bait is taken. For high infestations, revisit within the first 7 days and then fortnightly until the infestation is under control. Thereafter, revisit as necessary. For low infestations, revisit within the first 7-10 days. Thereafter, revisit as necessary.


CRRU Certification is required for all professional pest controllers to purchase rat and mouse poisons.

To be used only by professional users holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements.
Read the label before use. Using this product in a manner that is inconsistent with the label may be an offence. Refer to the CRRU UK Code of Best Practice (or equivalent) for guidance.
When this product is supplied to a user for the control of rodents, it shall only be supplied to a professional user holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements.

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