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Cimex Bedbug Steamer Accessories

  • These accessories are to be used with the Cimex Bed Bug Steamer. The Cimex steamer is a top-rated appliance designed to eliminate bed bugs at all stages of their lives without using harsh insecticides. 
  • The Cimex Eradicator Carry Bag is perfect for transporting the Cimex Bed Bug Steamer between jobs


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Cimex Cleaner - Kalstop (pk20)
£13.80 £11.50
Cimex HPMed replacement Detergent 50ml (Pk 2)
£19.20 £16.00
Cimex Eradicator Carry Bag
£105.00 £87.50
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The Cimex Bedbug Steamer is used to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs without the need for strong chemicals or insecticides. Steam generated in the boiler is heated up to 180°C, delivering a heat shock to the bed bugs for permanent disinfestation.

During the delivery phase, the steam is mixed with HPMed detergent to eliminate the characteristic smell of bed bugs and melt the gluey substance which binds the eggs to surfaces. 

The dry, superheated steam of Cimex Bedbug Steamer can be used on any surface or fabric and can also be directed into the most hidden corners hardest to treat and nesting areas.

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