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1M Bristle Strip

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To purchase the 1m Bristle Strips, Click Here

  • A dual-purpose 1m bristle strip developed to prevent rodents, insects and birds from gaining access to buildings.
  • Highly effective against reducing draughts, dust and noise pollution.
  • Choose from a variety of bristle sizes and in 3 carrier angles 
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To purchase the 1m Bristle Strips, Click Here

Pests often utilise gaps under doors and windows as an easy entry point into buildings. These 1m in length Brush strips are designed to block one of the most exploited ingress points in pest control. 

Choose from a range of meter lengths such as 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, 150mm. Once an infestation has been removed, proofing using brush door strips is crucial to prevent reinfestation.

At 1env, we supply a range of brush strips in different angles to ensure you're able to deal with any situation.

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