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Bird-X Repellent Gel 300ml

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  • Long lasting, non-toxic, bird repellent gel for use against pigeons, starlings & sparrows.
  • Easy to apply to linear problem areas including ledges, parapets & cornices.
  • Transparent gel. 1-part product, no skinning agent required, maintenance free
  • Lay parallel beads 5-7cm apart. 1 tube covers approx. 3-4 metres depending on species.

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This product may be used to repel pigeons, starlings and sparrows from buildings and adjacent structures. This product may be applied to window sills, roof lines, gutter edges, signage, ornamental copings, cornices, ledges, poarapet walls and similar structures.

Wear disposable gloves when using this product.

Do not apply this product in wet weather conditions, surfaces should be clean & dry.

Do not apply this product in temperatures below freezing. Product should be approximately room temperature (65-80°F or 18-27°C) at the time of application.

Do not apply when repellent may entangle small garden bird species, on or near bird feeders, or on vegetation / structures supporting bird feeders.

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