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Training 1 Day RSPH Level 2 Award

Tube Web Spider (Segestria florentina)

The spider normally waits in its tube web with six legs forward touching the lines of silk which radiate from the edge of the web. Launching itself forward onto any suitable prey that should touch the web and dragging it back into the tube to eat it.

The female is a very impressive spider 15 – 22mm in length, It has six eyes and its jaws are an iridescent green The abdomen is usually almost black, but the pattern may be quite clear in immature and males. This spider has been reported as producing a nasty bite which that can be painful and red, but is likely to subside after 6 hours.

Maturity summer to autumn.

Not considered a public health pest, proofing of doors and removal of harbourages will discourage this casual intruder from entering buildings, wall/floor junctions can be treated with a residual insecticide labelled for spiders.

Products to control Tube Web Spider:

Dethlac (250ml)
Dethlac dries as a hard lacquer, therefore increasing residuality. It can be use dboth indoors and out.

Eradisect Flying and Crawling Insect Killer (600ml)
A good all round flying and crawling insect killer with rapid knock down and good flushing properties.

Green Hero Frost Spray (500ml)
The pests are not poisoned, but simply frosted. Due to the sudden cold, the cells of insects, larvae or eggs burst and the pest dies immediately.


Training 1 Day RSPH Level 2 Award